Baitul Hikma Integrated Sch

School Profile

Founders Baitul Hikma

Baitul Hikma was founded a year ago, It provides a robust educational experience by combining effective curriculum, friendly ambiance, and balanced teaching practices to enable students to achieve success and to instill within them a strong sense of identity and clarity of vision.

The selected curriculum provides the spiritual and rational essentials to navigate the challenges of our age in the following ways:

  • By situating knowledge within an envelope of spirituality and character transformation
  • Turning all knowledge into consistent actions through a guided, gradual, and progressive program of implementation
  • Promoting fellowship, interaction, and support with like-minded learners from all over the globe.

The school is founded by Baitul Hikma Foundation. The foundation was founded by a seasoned Kenyan Muslim educationist from Garissa county.

The board of directors consist of three directors. There is also a trustee that oversees the operations of the school and act as an advisory committee.

The aim of the foundation has been to provide education as an enabler to a better future life for our children.

The school is run by a management that is led by a principal that has over 25 years providing an international education. A National Professionally Qualified Senior Leader from the DofE, London. He has worked with top schools in the country as a senior administrator and a seasoned professional teacher.

Thye school has Senior Leadership Team consisting of the Principal, The Deputy Principal, Pastoral and Deputy Principal Academic. This is in line with the requirements of Cambridge International requirements for the schools management style.

Under the SLT are the various deparmental heads that report to the Deputy Head Teachers.

Baitul Hikma Academy is a high achieving co-ed insitution which has served our community for sometime now. the core values of the academy are to provide opportunities for its students to excel in education, contribute to the community, and become better Muslims.The school’s motto, ‘Academic Excellence through Islamic values’, encapsulates our passion to develop each child intellectually, physically, emotionally, socially, religiously, morally and vocationally. We hope to ensure that our students are happy, successful citizens of America, while observing Islamic etiquettes.

Our vision is to provide quality academic training that will enable students to be active in making positive contributions to society as practicing Muslims.At Baitul Hikma Academy we provide both secular and Islamic education of the highest standard and work with our students one-on-one to help them reach their full potential.