Baitul Hikma Integrated Sch


Students study, discuss, share insights and write about various topics. The literary works serve as a teaching tool for the next generation, providing them with good morals and strong knowledge for their future.


Pairing of older and younger students to assist in building literacy and reading fluency skills. This helps students form strong bonds and motivates them to read extraordinary works of literature.

A student group entrusted with organizing and managing the library. They also ensure students follow proper library rules while assisting them in finding appropriate books/sources for their reading level and interest/benefit.

Partnering of younger and higher gradel students to assist in sharpening their skills in various academic subjects. The tutors pay close attention in carrying out their responsibilities and developing the abilities of their younger companions.

Students ranging from elementary to high school who dedicate their time to assisting others around school and the community in multiple capacities. In this manner they embody the fundamental principle of service above self.

Students are provided with experiential learning opportunities. Younger grades expand their knowledge through local visits while higher grades have national and international trips, allowing them to study and follow the footsteps of scholarly mentors.