Baitul Hikma Integrated Sch

Extra Curriculum

We have a wide range of extra-curricular clubs that run throughout each term, encouraging our children to explore a variety of different skills and hobbies. All clubs are vetted at the beginning of the academic year by the Head Teacher who ensures all supervisors receive clear outlines regarding safety, supervision and procedures. All clubs are asked to report back to the parents at the end of the term regarding progress and achievements. A timetable will be shared at the beginning of each term allowing parents to sign up to selected clubs, there is also a free trial week where children are able to give clubs a go to see whether they like it. Nursery 1 children do not participate in clubs due to their age and some clubs are only offered to the older classes.

Our pupils are engaged in different activities such as Swimming, Football, Taekwondo, Horse riding.


Taekwondo encourages self-discipline as the children develop their skills and collect different coloured belts. Our highly skilled coach delivers sessions that are both fun and focused to help the children develop key skills.

Football Club

The pupils have a great time developing their ball skills in this club and it is always a firm favourite. Trained football coaches provide fun games that not only enhance the children’s skills but also develop an awareness of rules, team work and technique.

Horse Riding

This is a favourite of the younger ones. This happens every week and children look forward to the horses coming to school for that great ride.