Baitul Hikma Integrated Sch

Cambridge IGSCE Curriculum

We offer a full Cambridge International Assessment Examination(CIAE) syllabus.

Our classes run from Early years or the Pre-prep school, to Senior school for ages,18months to 18 years.

Early Years

Our School we provide a rich and stimulating learning environment in a caring and secure setting.  Our warm, family-style atmosphere is further enriched by the culturally diverse community we encompass.  This brings many wonderful aspects to the classroom, such as strong foundations of appreciation of one another.

Nurturing children’s creative thinking skills through play-based learning builds their self-confidence and encourages them to become inquisitive, independent and self-motivated learners who love school.  The benefits of being an inquisitive, interested person cannot be underestimated and we encourage a strong sense of curiosity in all our children.

The lower Common Entrance(CE) is done in Year 6 or Junior Secondary) examination is done at Year 6 and the upper CE is done at Year 9. All these are fully examined by CIAE, UK. The IGCSE is done at Year 11 at age 14. This is in preparation for the AS and A level education.

After IGCSE, students take their AS and A level GCE examination in preparation for the university.